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Careers at TLC Pediatric Speech Therapy
Individual Mentoring
Careers at TLC Pediatric Speech Therapy
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Careers at TLC Pediatric Speech Therapy
Careers at TLC Pediatric Therapy
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TLC is a team of Speech Language Pathologists, Speech Language Pathology Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Patient Care Coordinators and other staff who are passionate about changing the way we approach child development and family wellness in Los Angeles County.

As an evolving learning organization, we are continuously identifying new systems of care delivery and best clinical practices to better serve our clients, and our community. And as a community based organization, we believe our impact is greater than that which is delivered within the walls of the clinic environment. TLC is proud to contribute organizational efforts and expertise to advancing community health outcomes. Like all things in nature, we recognize that we are stronger together and look forward to exploring with you the opportunity to have you join the TLC team!

Aligned with our mission to invest in our community is our commitment to invest in the personal and professional development of our TLC family of clinicians and staff. At the leadership level, Ms Griffith has a passion for teaching and mentoring, and as such, promotes a reciprocal and open learning environment across all levels. Ms. Griffith has become a well-regarded expert in the area of organizational engagement and career satisfaction. This expertise has translated into individual mentorship practices that are the cornerstone of TLC employment and often lead to advancement. For example, career-based salary positions include supportive learning modules that contribute to achievement of professional goals. TLC is proud to have team members communicate their appreciation for a learning based environment that provides significant opportunities for personal and professional development.

Our nurturing clinic space reflects our commitment to learning and development with a scholarly library. The library space promotes exploration of current evidence and clinical best practices and facilitates collaboration among clinicians and staff to problem solve and optimize patient care. We foster an environment that allows for open dialogue to strengthen the practice and allow for the effective delivery of evidence-based care.

Along with our commitment to career satisfaction and development, TLC offers a competitive salary, a comprehensive benefit package and a commitment to a harmonious and balanced career lifestyle.

We are always looking for clinicians and staff who are family focused and motivated by working in a team setting in collaboration with community providers. While our flagship location in downtown LA is very accessible via public transportation, as a growing organization with opportunity for employment at locations throughout and beyond LA County, we are excited to hear about your desire to work at TLC and spread the innovative model of TLC Care. So, even if you don’t see an opening below, feel free to send us a note and your resume to Located in downtown Los Angeles, TLC is very accessible via public transportation.


JOIN THE TLC FAMILY | TLC team members are provided with individual mentorship, exposure to novel service delivery models and evidence based treatment modalities, and diversity in caseloads to expand clinical expertise and practical experience.

When I think about my time at TLC Pediatric Therapy, my heart smiles. The Founder is one of the most passionate directors I have ever met. She goes above and beyond to ensure that the patients being served are receiving the best care and that the clinical teams feel supported. I received thorough training, supplies I needed to succeed, and access to Executive Management whenever I needed it. All of my coworkers were kind and the joyful atmosphere made me excited to come into work. TLC Pediatric Therapy isn’t just a speech therapy clinic – that “title” would minimize all of the hard work done in and outside of the office. TLC Pediatric Therapy is a community organization with a remarkable change agent at the helm. Far too often, we come across barriers to providing quality care in our community. TLC Pediatric Therapy gracefully knocks down these barriers by making decisions that will ultimately empower families. The Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Kyra Griffith’s solution-oriented mindset ensures that TLC will remain a dynamic organization that is responsive to the needs of the community for years to come.

– Melanie Blanks M.A., CCC-SLP

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