Oral Placement Therapy Los Angeles

Oral Placement Therapy

TLC has advanced expertise in addressing Oral Motor Disorders through the delivery of Oral Placement Therapy. As leaders in Los Angeles County, TLC is proud to be able to promote the health and well-being of children and adults by addressing underlying disorders of the muscles and functions of the mouth and face that are contributing to difficulties with:

  • breastfeeding
  • chewing and swallowing, including swallowing pills
  • desire to eat, including picky eating
  • proper digestion
  • producing sounds and speaking, including the presence of a lisp
  • oral hygiene
  • breathing, including while sleeping
  • facial movements that contribute to body language

Oral Placement Therapy is a complex intervention that requires advanced clinical training and certification. An evaluation includes assessment of the rest posture and functions of the tongue, jaw and lips. If not addressed as early as possible, orofacial myofunctional disorders can have significant impact on long term health. Although not something we think about during the day, the resting position of the tongue in the mouth hugely contributes to our body’s ability to develop and grow. Disordered patterns of the tongue, lips and jaw may result in the following conditions that then prevent successful participation in the health promoting activities listed above:

    • An openbite: improper alignment of upper and lower teeth that results from the tongue thrusting against the teeth while swallowing
    • Temporal Mandibular Disorder: Disordered movement of the jaw joints and associated pain
    • Tongue tie: a condition that presents at birth that limits the movement of the tongue

As Oral Motor Disorders are complex and can have impact on many bodily systems, TLC clinicians work hand in hand with a patient’s entire care team that may include primary care, otolaryngology, dental care and orthodontics, maxial-facial surgeons, physical therapy, chiropractic care and/or allergy care. TLC’s guiding BRIDGE philosophy, ensures all parents and caregivers are supported and communicated with during the process of screening, evaluation, treatment and care management by the child’s health care team. With the integration of myofunctional therapy, TLC can ensure that children who are receiving speech, occupational or feeding therapy are not being overlooked for an orofacial myofunctional disorder.

If you sense a child you know may have an oral motor disorder or benefit form oral placement therapy we look forward to speaking with you. Please complete step one of the therapy process to receive a free consultation.

What we do | TLC’s expertise in addressing the structures and mechanisms of the tongue, lips and jaw is essential to supporting children develop functional independence in communicating, eating and self-care.

Our daughter made astonishing progress over two years. From barely able to use single words appropriately to accurately expressing herself with five-word sentences. The clinicians maintained her focus and interest during sessions and were able to seamlessly transition between approaches to help maximize our time at TLC.

– Jody G. & Tom F.

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