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TLC Therapy Services Overview

Inspired by Childhood. Supported by Evidence. Delivered with Compassion

Caring for a child is one of life’s greatest joys. And having concerns about your child’s development can feel like a great barrier to caring for your child like you had imagined. Having supported thousands of families navigate early childhood, TLC is your partner in optimizing your family’s daily functioning through the delivery of evidence-based early intervention and therapy services. Through our compassionate relationship with your child and his caregivers and other members of the community, your child will have the opportunities to thrive and optimize his development – while in clinic, at home and within the community.

TLC Pediatric Therapy offers evidence-based speech therapy, occupational therapy and feeding therapy to children from birth to five years throughout Los Angeles county. Our team of skilled clinicians deliver therapeutic interventions at our downtown Los Angeles clinic, within clients’ homes and in school locations, when appropriate. Going into homes allows us to support children develop the capacity and skills necessary to complete daily functional activities. Within the school setting, we support students in succeeding in their role as student and staying present and focused in the classroom.

The physical patient care site locations are state-of-the-art, nature inspired, and welcoming. The space provides a nourishing environment for children to feel at ease and motivated to play, engage with clinicians and participate in therapeutic activities. Great focus has been taken to emulate a child’s natural environment to promote carry over of skills from the clinic to home and community settings. The generalization of skills is also significantly supported through TLC’s unique parent implemented approach that facilitates parent and caregiver development of understanding, skills, and confidence. As a community-based organization, TLC is responsive to community needs and prides itself in offering culturally competent care. With prioritizing and incorporating bilingual clinicians, we welcome the opportunity to support children learning two languages, which, research shows, contributes to improved lifelong mastery of many further academic and social skills.

Therapy services are individualized per the specific needs of your child. The frequency, length and duration of services will be determined after a comprehensive evaluation and parent interview to determine clinical needs for services and understand your concerns, desires and goals related to your child’s whole health and well-being. A plan of care will be developed and carried out with ongoing parent participation and parent implemented approaches. Case management is provided by a TLC Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) to coordinate care with your child’s health care team.

If you have a concern about your child and want to discuss the pathway to receiving services, complete step 1 of the therapy process to receive a free consultation with a TLC PCC.

TLC provides the therapeutic conditions to the children of LA to support their blossoming development. Our focus on family centered care ensures parents and caregivers feel confident and empowered to be their children’s best teachers.

“I love everything about TLC Pediatric Therapy. It’s so evident there was a thoughtful vision when creating this place. From the wonderful relaxing scent in the air to the amazing and caring staff, to the thoughtful notes on their complementary water bottles. I’m learning so much and my little one leaves with a smile on his face.

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