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Getting Started: How to Access Services for a Child at TLC

Welcome to TLC! We’re so excited your path has brought you here! Recognizing that the first five years of a child’s life are the most critical, we commend you in taking this big step in exploring your concerns about your child’s development and learning how to get help. TLC looks forward to supporting you on this journey.

TLC Therapy Process: Below is a breakdown of the process of receiving care at TLC. If at any point you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at hello@tlcpediatric.orgPlease click on the images below to learn how to receive, and be an active participant of, TLC Care!

To refer your child for services, or to learn more about receiving therapy services at TLC, please fill out this form. Please note that completing this form is not a guarantee of services. A TLC Patient Care Coordinator will provide a free phone consultation and screening to understand your child’s needs and discuss accessing care at TLC. To know how your child is doing developmentally, you can review developmental milestones. Once you’ve submitted the form, we encourage you to review step 2 to prepare for the free phone consultation.

A Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) will follow up with you within 48 hours to schedule a free phone consultation. During this call you are invited to share your concerns about your child’s development, including his or her ability to meet review developmental milestones. You will learn about TLC services and how the unique TLC Care model can support your child in optimizing his developmental health and well-being.

In preparation for the phone consultation, please have this information available, if possible:

  • Child’s health insurance information, if any
  • If child has received a referral from his doctor
  • If your child’s doctor has completed a developmental screening
  • If child is currently, or has received therapy services in the past

The TLC PCC will explain funding options for your child’s care and provide support to receive funding for care. TLC is your partner in ensuring your child receives the services he needs, bridging communication between caregivers and health care providers and supporting parents to be their child’s best advocate.

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After a comprehensive evaluation, a plan of care will include recommendations of the frequency and duration of services. Once authorization and welcome procedures have been completed with the PCC, we encourage you to get prepared for your child and family to participate in TLC Care. Some ways to do this include:

  • Review welcome information that includes TLC policies and procedures for participation and continuity of care, including our attendance policy and parking rate reductions
  • Remember to wear or bring socks to therapy appointments
  • During your first visit, request a tour! Arrive early to allow time for your child to get comfortable with the clinic and reduce any anxiety. During this time, you can take a tour, meet the staff and ask any questions you may have. We are looking forward to meeting your family!
  • Plan your route to TLC, and learn about public transportation and parking options.
  • Start a journal. Before your first appointment, observe your child and write down some strengths and challenges, for example write down all the words your child says on a daily basis and/or comment on whether or not your child passes a toy from one hand to another. Write down what your hopes for your child are and any questions you have about your child’s development or about therapy. Bringing your journal to therapy each week will help you to communicate with your child’s therapy team so that they can make sure they are meeting your child’s needs. And together you can celebrate progress!
  • Visit our resource page to explore recommended resources and supports
  • Visit our Facebook page to see kids enjoying themselves at TLC Pediatric Therapy!

This is where your child will grow and blossom! TLC recognizes that the most important people in supporting a child’s development are the parents and caregivers. We prioritize facilitating parent and caregiver participation in the therapy process and developing strong communication with the TLC Care Team so that you feel comfortable with the therapy process and confident in supporting your child. The combination of TLC clinical expertise and parent participation will allow your child to flourish. Some ways to maximize your participation include:

  • Do your best to be on time so that your child doesn’t miss any of his therapy appointment and let us know if you are running late by contacting us!
  • Participate in your child’s therapy session – talk to your child’s clinician about when is the best time to observe and participate in therapy
  • Share with your child’s clinician how you learn best – through pictures, through demonstration, through written documents – so we know how best to support you as the child’s primary caregiver
  • Communicate with your child’s medical team about therapy plans, goals and progress. Know that TLC clinicians are available to consult with your child’s healthcare providers and educators, upon your request.
  • Familiarize yourself with the TLC 360 theme, our monthly focus for therapy, and carry the theme from the clinic into your home and community
  • Between sessions, document observations about your child’s development and questions you want to ask in your journal to share with the TLC team. Don’t forget to bring your journal!
  • Take photos or videos of your child’s behavior at home and in the community to share with TLC clinicians
  • When not in your child’s session, take a moment for your own self-care – read a book, stay hydrated or enjoy a moment to meditate in our waiting room – we just ask that you please do not leave the waiting room while your child is receiving treatment
  • Share your child’s goals, therapy plans and progress with other caregivers in his life – other family members, teachers, and other community members – they will be happy to know how to best support your child!
  • Check out the TLC Facebook page to connect with other family members of our TLC community
  • Stay updated with the TLC newsletter
  • Explore recommended resources that will support your child’s development
  • And perhaps most importantly, celebrate the wins – no matter how small they may seem!

To contact us with questions or to schedule or change an appointment, please contact us at or on our contact us page.