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It Takes Two to Talk®

Knowing how to communicate with a child can be difficult. As adults, we’ve become familiar with talking to our peers and have naturally forgotten what it was like to be learning how to talk as a child! This can significantly limit the amount of language a young child is exposed to.


To be able to address this gap in a child’s communication health, TLC is proud to offer a specialized program called It Takes Two to Talk®. It Takes Two to Talk® is an evidence-based program that helps parents and caregivers, as children’s best teacher, learn practical skills and strategies to facilitate everyday communication. Aligned with TLC’s focus on delivering care that is contextualized within the daily habits and routines of young children and their families, It Takes Two to Talk® develops awareness of how to utilize everyday activity in natural environments as an opportunity to foster speech and language development. Learning how to normalize developmentally appropriate communication throughout the day, parents can engage with children in a fun and playful way. This will allow a child’s speech and language skills to develop naturally and parents to experience greater comfort in communicating with their child.

This program is built on early intervention research that providing opportunities for language from the youngest age possible contributes to increased mastery of speech and language and long term academic and social success. There are unique stages of a child’s development of communication skills. It Takes Two to Talk® identifies the stage of your child and customizes the approach to facilitate progress through the stages of communication.

As parents work closely with a TLC clinician to develop their confidence and skills, they will have the opportunity to model their learning and receive feedback. Parents all over the world experience great joy in feeling more comfortable communicating with their children and appreciate becoming more fluent in spontaneous daily communication. This type of engagement naturally leads to improved bonding between parent and child.

If you are interested in learning more about accessing It Takes Two to Talk® or any services at TLC, learn more about the TLC therapy process here and submit an inquiry form for a free consultation.