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Early Intervention

Developing the Healthy Conditions that allow a Child to Grow and Blossom

Early Intervention is just what it sounds like – providing structured and therapeutic intervention during the earliest years of a child’s life. A multitude of things can happen during early childhood that can lead to disordered development and have lasting impact on a person’s health, wellbeing and overall quality of life. The goal of early intervention is to identify the area of disorder and intervene during the most critical period of early brain development. TLC provides expertise in delivering early intervention to limit the impact of developmental conditions on life course health and prevent the onset of new and further disabling conditions.


Early intervention is grounded in brain research that teaches us that early identification and treatment of conditions provides the greatest opportunity for the brain to evolve and strengthen the pathways that will lead to improved child development and functional independence. Just like a tree needs healthy roots to develop and strengthen in order to have a full and healthy life, a child needs a strong foundation in early childhood from which it can grow, blossom and thrive. To see how early exposure to activity helps a child’s brain develop, visit this interactive tool from First 5 California. All of TLC’s therapy services are provided with a focus on early intervention and optimizing development from birth to five years.

Early intervention provides the therapeutic environment for a child’s brain to develop into a strong foundation for further development. This provides the essential grounding from which a child can grow her branches and develop more complex skills and capabilities. This investment in our young children today ensures their bright future tomorrow. Research demonstrates that an investment in early childhood development promotes academic success, allows children to navigate social complexities and manage their emotional regulation, and lead productive lives that include civic participation and community involvement. By accessing early intervention services, children become school ready and have improved resilience as they transition between novel settings. TLC early intervention services provide parent coaching to strengthen parents’ ability to provide the enriching environment from which a child can develop. As well, they support parents in the daily integration of functional strategies to engage with their child in a responsive way to facilitate this healthy growth.

If you believe your child would benefit from an evaluation for early intervention services, please complete step 1 of the therapy process to receive a free consultation and screening. We also encourage you to talk to your child’s primary care provider or pediatrician if you have concerns about your child’s development. You can review developmental milestones to see if your child is meeting them and share this with your child’s provider.