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What’s included in TOTAL CARE@TLC?

This all-inclusive and comprehensive care plan includes tailored sessions (frequency of monthly visits determined by your child’s individualized treatment plan, IFSP, or IEP) that you plan in collaboration with your treating clinician each week.


The combination of visit types/options:

    • Virtual/Tele-Health visits
    • In-Person visits (either at a center or natural home setting)
    • Parent Implementation Activity for Clinical Analysis and Feedback
    • Phone consult sessions for theory to practice education and discussion
    • Access to exclusive TLC programming and materials such as BRIDGE approach
    • 6-month formal assessment of progress with team review

In addition to our services, you’ll have access to:

    • Join our monthly 360 theme contests and activities by following our social media Facebook page and special email invites
    • Eligible to win our monthly prize therapeutic care packages
    • Exclusive monthly newsletter with latest research and best practice patterns
    • Complimentary TLC journal

TOTAL CARE@TLC is a proactive response in overcoming the barriers to important and timely pediatric care that we have experienced during COVID-19, and the resulting pandemic. This framework is intended to deliver even better patient & family centered care than ever before. The framework allows for flexibility on how each session is delivered, based on the needs of the child and family within a given session/touchpoint. For example, the teaching and learning of specific developmental skills is sometimes best done in a structured clinical setting, while other skills are better achieved with the clinician directing the parent and child via video/telehealth mode. Furthermore, sometimes a parent education phone-call session is needed in order to educate on important theories that are at the core of current activities, and research suggests that spending this one on one coaching time with the parent to learn and reflect has an exponential impact on their ability to become their child’s best therapist. Even further, pediatric therapeutic intervention sometimes requires coaching to transition a skill learned in the structured clinic setting to the natural home setting with the need for the clinician to physically be present to demonstrate, coach and implement.

TOTAL CARE@TLC is exactly what it says it is, a comprehensive and all-inclusive approach to delivering pediatric therapies that recognizes functional skills should be facilitated across many settings and modes to achieve best outcomes, and that the therapeutic continuum should be tailored and centered around the changing needs of the families we serve, from week to week, session to session. Essentially, TOTAL CARE@TLC, appreciates that functional and developmental skills do not happen in a vacuum, and that when change is incremental and thoughtful, it leads to vital successes – not only in the pediatric patients we serve, but across the continuum of family structures. Individualized pediatric therapeutic care plans – intended to help children and families across LA County and surrounding areas thrive for years to come!