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Parent Coaching

Empowering Parents to Help their Budding Children Blossom

TLC clinical activities are rooted in the belief that parents and caregivers are a child’s best teachers. We believe that it is our role as pediatric therapy providers to support the entire family using parent coaching and parent implemented approaches. Positive parent coaching supports parents in integrating daily habits and routines that are developmentally appropriate and culturally relevant within the context of each family. Parent coaching and parent implemented care plans contribute to improved generalization of a child’s skills to home and community settings and enhanced natural progression of developmental skills – resulting in improved lifelong development and health across social, play, home and academic settings.


TLC clinicians’ knowledge of adult learning styles allows them to be able to determine the best approach to coaching parents to enhance their support of their children. Collaboratively with a TLC clinician, monthly SMART (specific, measurable, accountable, repeatable and timebound) goals are set and an action plan is developed with practical daily strategies. By facilitating the development of the component skills necessary to successfully maintain daily habits and routines, parents and caregivers can independently establish new parenting practices that will progress a child’s development and improve daily family functioning.

Guided playtime is essential to supporting children’s exploration and, understandably, it can be difficult to remember how to play like a child! Our parent coaching empowers parents to have fun and play with their children in a way that challenges a child’s curiosity and facilitates emotional regulation. This approach develops the necessary foundations to progress a child to better communication and developmental health.

Parents and caregivers are educated on child development so that they can make sense of behaviors while confidently scaffolding activities to challenge the child. Essential to this practice is a relationship-based approach that recognizes that a healthy emotional connection between child and caregiver will allow for a child to feel secure to explore, try new things and develop independence. This allows parents and caregivers to feel confident with spontaneous play and communication.

Aligned with the BRIDGE philosophy, parents will be empowered with communication and advocacy skills to navigate systems of care and explore appropriate services and approaches specific to their child. The TLC BRIDGE philosophy ensures that parents and caregivers are listened to, informed, and connected with their child’s team members.

Parent implemented care and coaching is integrated across all clinical services at TLC Pediatric Therapy. If you would like to learn more about how to receive parent coaching through TLC Care, please complete step 1 of the therapy process to receive your free phone consultation and screening. We look forward to supporting all parents and caregivers on their path to support their children.