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Occupational Therapy

Did you know that a person’s “occupations” are those daily activities that provide meaning and a sense of purpose to an individual? The occupations of early childhood—playing, socializing with peers, toileting, dressing and feeding self and engaging in activities like imaginative play and mealtime—plant the seeds for a person to develop independence in self-care, productive and leisurely activities.


At TLC we recognize the significance of your child being able to play outside with joy, participate in a turn taking game with peers and brush her teeth without discomfort or resistance. These activities, or occupations, are complex and multi-faceted and require a comprehensive evaluation of a child’s cognitive, fine and gross motor, visual perceptual, social and sensory functioning.

TLC Occupational Therapists are experts at building on your child’s strengths to promote development and identifying the individual barriers to independence in occupation as well as evaluating the environmental factors that are impacting a child’s ability to succeed in an occupation. Occupational Therapy at TLC utilizes an integrated approach to evaluate the complex relationship between each system and how it affects child’s ability to participate in an occupation in a given environment.

Through working with a TLC Occupational Therapist, a child can expect to have improved independence of:

  • Play and socialization skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Handwriting skills
  • Attention and focus during complex tasks
  • Evaluating environmental safety
  • Accessing novel environments
  • Sensory processing and reduced aversion to sensations (learn more about sensory integration here)
  • Visual motor and visual perceptual processing
  • Self-care skills including eating, dress, bathing, toileting
  • Self-regulation during transitions of activity
  • Exploration and comfort during novel activity
  • Gross motor strength, balance and coordinated play
  • Sense of location in space

If you are concerned your child may not be meeting his developmental milestones or is having a difficult time completing daily functional tasks or engaging with peers, we encourage you to have him evaluated for occupational therapy services. To do that, please complete step one of the TLC therapy process to receive a free consultation with a TLC Patient Care Coordinator (PCC).

TLC is proud to integrate parent coaching techniques into our therapy services. This ensures parents feel confident in progressing their children’s development to achieve the goals that are collaboratively established between a parent and their child’s TLC care team. Through developing the skills to support a child’s everyday living, parents and families are able to experience greater joy together. We look forward to being with you on this journey.