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Speech and Occupational Teletherapy

Connecting with and Caring for TLC Families Virtually

TLC is proud to be a leader in Los Angeles in providing evidence-based teletherapy through the use of remote electronic communication devices, including phones, computers, tablets and other devices. Our team of trained clinicians are experts at delivering the same standard of high quality TLC Care that we are known and respected for through virtual technology. Not only does teletherapy allow for the delivery of individualized therapy, it provides novel opportunity to support the parent and child within the natural environment to facilitate progress toward developmental and communication goals. Currently TLC is providing Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy virtually.


TLC Clinicians provide fun and engaging therapeutic sessions that result in a positive response from the child and parent alike. Utilizing a family centered and strengths-based approach, teletherapy builds on the strengths of families to improve family-well being within the context of everyday living. Aligned with what research tells us about the use of teletherapy, TLC parents report appreciating how well teletherapy fits into their daily lives. As well, parents feel confident to integrate and reflect on daily habits and routines that promote a child’s development and communication from the virtual support they receive from a TLC Clinician.

The TLC Care Teletherapy Experience: TLC Clinicians are experts at providing evidence based-care in an engaging and comfortable way and within a secure environment through virtual technology. Please review the following to know what to expect and to learn about some ways to maximize opportunity through teletherapy:

  • A TLC Clinician will send you an email with the information to access your child’s virtual session and suggestions for toys and materials to have available during the session.
  • We encourage you to have whatever technology you will be using set up a few minutes before your child’s session to ensure we are able to start on time.
  • Together, we will troubleshoot any technology problems that may present during the session.
  • In addressing your child’s goals, active participation to engage with your child therapeutically may be required. This will be facilitated by a TLC Clinician who will let you know when your participation is needed.
  • Please do not feel like you need to clean or tidy up your space before we get started. Our only goal is to support your child’s development and communication health and not delay services and progress.
  • If possible, we encourage you to set up in a room with the fewest distractions possible. This will promote a child’s focus and attention to the therapeutic activity.
  • Depending on the activity being worked on, we may “move” to other areas, the bathroom for example to work on toothbrushing or outside to work on transitions between outside and inside. Your Clinician will prepare you for this.
  • During the initial session, your child’s Clinician may ask you to show and tell toys that are available for use. This will help in planning future treatment activities.
  • A summary of therapeutic activity towards goals and plans for the next session will be sent to you following the teletherapy session.
  • If possible, we encourage you to take notes in your TLC journal and document any positive improvements, challenges or questions in preparation for the next session.
  • Always feel free to suggest activities you’d like to work on or that have been successful for you and your child!

If you would like to learn more about teletherapy services for your child or have him or her evaluated for services, please complete step one of the therapy process to receive a free consultation with a TLC Patient and Family Care Coordinator.