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TLC: A Community Based Organization that is Community Focused, Forward Thinking and Systems Oriented

As a community-based organization, TLC prides itself in being aware of, and responsive to, community needs. TLC’s beginnings are rooted in community partnership and collaboration, having been originally colocated within a community health clinic. As leaders in improving childhood outcomes through advanced clinical expertise, TLC treats a wide range of pediatric conditions. This has led to more families throughout Los Angeles County receiving high quality therapy services and experiencing greater family health and well-being. In our downtown Los Angeles clinic, we offer children and families evidence-based and compassionate therapy services in an environment intentionally created to mirror a child’s natural environment. With a focus on parent and caregiver participation, caregivers develop the skills necessary to support the optimization of children’s development in the home and community.


Working with diverse community groups to improve community outcomes, community collaboration remains a priority of TLC and we look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and your organization. An ongoing partnership with First 5 LA and Eisner Health most recently led to the development of BRIDGE, a service delivery model centered around strengthening the connections between the parent and child, referring community provider and TLC. This model empowers the parent as an active participant in their child’s developmental journey and increases the efficiency of patient care management between the referring community partner and TLC clinicians. Informing the First Connections project and Help Me Grow LA efforts, BRIDGE is highly regarded as the standard through which pediatric systems should operate.

TLC recognizes that the only way our clinicians can truly support a child’s development and family well-being is by utilizing an integrated care model that recognizes the unique role of each community partner in optimizing the child’s health and well-being.

TLC is eager to work together with you and your organization to achieve our shared collective vision for Los Angeles. Whether it’s to partner on a patient’s success, collaborate on a community effort to promote childhood development or request TLC’s participation in a community event, we are excited to hear from you and explore opportunities to together support the communities we call home.

If you would like to refer a child for therapy services, please do so here. If you are interested in other opportunities for collaboration, please complete this form.

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