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Referring Providers

(If you are a parent or caregiver wanting to access services for a child, please start here)

To our esteemed colleagues, welcome! We are excited you are here and proud to be your partner in providing high quality, evidence based and compassionate care to your pediatric patients, and their families. We understand how important each individual child’s care is to you and value your trust in our expertise to be able to support children’s optimal development. Our expertise in early intervention and other therapeutic techniques ensures children are given the best opportunity to develop a strong developmental foundation from which they can thrive and maintain a good quality of life. Our bilingual clinicians are responsive to community needs and passionate about contributing to improved community health.


TLC clinical services include consultation, screening, evaluation and assessment and evidence-based intervention. As leaders of therapeutic intervention for children from birth to five, our outcomes are unparalleled. One way we efficiently achieve positive outcomes is through applying a root cause approach to diagnose and address the source of disorder while concurrently developing functional solutions to minimize problematic and disruptive behaviors, focusing on promoting meaningful engagement and bonding between parent and child.

TLC’s clinical model is built on an integrated care framework, recognizing that delivering care collaboratively will optimize a child’s outcomes and support a parent or caregiver in feeling supported and empowered to progress a child’s development. Our BRIDGE philosophy ensures that medical providers are able to evaluate a child’s development, through a structured developmental screening for example, and feel confident in seamlessly performing a warm hand off for follow up and treatment of developmental findings. And perhaps most importantly, the TLC BRIDGE model prioritizes coaching and empowering parents, as their children’s best teachers, to have the skills and confidence to functionally support their children and navigate the system as a confident advocate.

TLC’s Speech TherapyOccupational Therapy and Feeding Therapy employ evidence-based clinical best practices to progress children’s development in their natural environments. Our clinic location offers state of the art therapeutic tools and technology in an environment intentionally created to emulate a child’s natural environment. Home and school based services are also provided to facilitate children’s engagement in daily functional activity.

We are always available to think through a case and identify best treatment options for a child. As part of the First Connections taskforce, TLC was able to inform the Help Me Grow efforts to standardize developmental screening in pediatric clinics. As such, we are available to provide support in adapting systems of care to promote regular and structured screening.

Please complete this form to refer a child to be assessed for services. As a community-based organization, our mission guides our commitment to community collaboration. If you have an idea for collaboration, please connect with us. For any other communication, email us at We look forward to connecting!