About Us

About Us

Inspired by Childhood – Supported by Evidence – Delivered with Compassion

about-usAt TLC, we provide evidence based pediatric therapy services that focus on what matters most – a child’s ability to participate in meaningful activities with family and friends within home, community, and academic settings. We apply the most current clinical evidence to our pediatric speech language and occupational therapy services and employ a whole child approach – meaning we look at and integrate all components of a child’s development together. We listen with compassion to the needs, desires and fears of the child’s family and utilize evidence-based parent coaching and empowerment techniques to enable caregivers to confidently care, and advocate, for children outside of the clinic setting.

At TLC our mission is two-fold:

  1. prevent, diagnose and treat developmental and communication disorders of all children across LA County and surrounding communities
  2. empower families with the knowledge and skills to transfer therapeutic approaches to the home and care for the child in a developmentally supportive way in order to optimize a child’s functioning

Always inspired by the strength of the children we serve, we are committed to supporting families in identifying solutions to address challenges related to childhood. TLC’s clinical expertise results in unparalleled improved child outcomes. With our outstanding results and unique approach to supporting families, TLC continues to evolve as an organization, meeting the needs of increased numbers of families throughout Los Angeles County.

With the flagship patient care center centralized in downtown Los Angeles, TLC Pediatric Therapy is committed to serving children and their families from all Los Angeles communities through the delivery of culturally competent and bilingual, when appropriate, therapy services. TLC is a leader in delivering care in collaboration with the child’s entire health care team with our roots in providing colocated care in direct partnership with a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). We focus on providing care to children from birth to five, recognizing this critical time period in developing the foundational skills an individual will continue to develop from for the rest of his or her life.

Our professional team not only includes highly skilled and compassionate Clinicians but also Patient Care Coordinators who support families in understanding the therapy process and navigating the often-overwhelming journey of obtaining critical services for their child. The TLC guiding BRIDGE philosophy ensures parents feel listened to and connected, being kept aware of their child’s results and progress throughout the screening, evaluation and treatment process.

We are honored to serve families throughout Los Angeles County and look forward to hearing from you. Please explore our therapy services and clinical expertise that sets us apart as leaders in advancing children’s development. If you’re a caregiver and would like a child to be evaluated for services, please complete step one of the therapy process to receive a free consultation. To refer a child as a medical provider, please click here.

TLC is a community based organization that specializes in the care of children 0-5 and their families in optimizing communication and developmental health. Our extensive clinical expertise paired with parent support allows children to grow healthily, and with joy.

Our daughter made astonishing progress over two years. From barely able to use single words appropriately to accurately expressing herself with five-word sentences. The clinicians maintained her focus and interest during sessions and were able to seamlessly transition between approaches to help maximize our time at TLC.

– Jody G. & Tom F.

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