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August – Taste of Farmer’s Market

By August 19, 2019December 8th, 2023No Comments

August is the prime time to visit the farmer’s market for beautiful fruits and vegetables in Southern California. TLC’s August theme is “Taste the Farmer’s Market.” Visiting the farmer’s market or grocery store with your child is a great way to engage them in learning about healthy, nutrient-rich foods. Food rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals help support health growth and development. While introducing new foods to your child make take quite a few tries, TLC has you covered with fun activities for the entire family!

For after school snacks, try the rainbow approach – banana slices, carrots, and apples – to give them the energy and nutrients they need to keep growing and learning.

  • Play BINGO at the farmer’s market!
  • Use this great printout to identify familiar and new produce.
  • Follow the 3 E’s to eating – Expose, Explore, Expand
  • For more reading about the 3 E’s click here
  • Try out a recipe with your kids with your bounty from the market
  • This is a great salad with fresh ingredients!
  • Use the LA Time’s tool to find the closest farmer’s market to you.