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June Tunes

By May 31, 2021December 14th, 2023No Comments

Music is powerful. Music stimulates the entire brain and has the power to improve your mood, reduce pain, and calm you down. It is also a useful tool in speech and occupational therapies. Music can be especially useful for children with autism spectrum disorder, as it provides a great vehicle for therapists to improve the development of social skills.

How can you tune into this universal language? If your child is young, sing them a lullaby to stimulate early language development. If your kiddo is ready to bang out their own beat, help them create a few instruments with items you have around the house – pots and pans or plastic bottles and rice. Holding a spoon to bang on the pot helps with gross motor development. If your child is ready to get their groove on, queue up a kid-friendly playlist on your favorite music app and start a dance party. This will work on their body awareness, coordination, and balance.

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