June Tunes – Speech Therapy and Music

Using music in speech and language therapy can be very effective to increase communication skills. While speech therapy is more well known, music therapy is still a powerful tool to promote language development.

Why is collaborate between these two areas important? They both benefit your child’s overall well-being.

5 similarities between music and language:
  • Music and Language are universal and specific to humans
  • Both have pitch, timbre, rhythm, and durational features
  • Spontaneous speech and spontaneous singing typically develop within infants at approximately the same time.
  • Music and language have auditory, vocal, and visual uses (both use written systems) and are built on structure and rules.
  • Distinct forms of music and language exist and vary across cultures
  • Source: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
What are some ways to introduce music to your child?
  • Make an instrument with your child – from drums to rain sticks, there are many options to try!
  • Pick up a musical library book – try Wheels on the Bus or Old MacDonald.
  • Add Toddler Radio (meant for children 4 and under) to your Pandora station and listen with your child.