Clinical Expertise & Techniques

Clinical Expertise & Techniques

TLC’s menu of therapeutic expertise and clinical techniques perfectly blend evidence-based intervention that is grounded in modern understanding of the brain’s ability to continuously develop with parent coaching and empowerment that provides parents and caregivers of children from birth to five with the necessary confidence, strategies and tools to create the conditions in everyday life that will allow childhood development to naturally progress. For children to have the opportunity to realize their developmental potential, effective therapy must include both and TLC is proud to deliver this.

The focus of TLC’s care delivery model is twofold:

  1. Identify and address the source of disordered development to prevent further disorder
  2. In collaboration with parents and caregivers, develop everyday strategies to improve daily functioning and minimize disruptions and challenges

TLC’s unique expertise includes:

TLC clinicians have a diverse range of expertise and as an organization, TLC is committed to staying current with evidence based care to promote child development and family well-being.

TLC patients will be evaluated for clinical need of diverse interventions and techniques. For more information about any of TLC’s areas of expertise, please consult with a TLC clinician.

What we do | TLC is proud to provide extensive clinical expertise to support children throughout Los Angeles County with a wide range of conditions that are impacting communication and developmental health. Our commitment to learning ensures our care is current and evidence-based.

Our daughter made astonishing progress over two years. From barely able to use single words appropriately to accurately expressing herself with five-word sentences. The clinicians maintained her focus and interest during sessions and were able to seamlessly transition between approaches to help maximize our time at TLC.

– Jody G. & Tom F.

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