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TLC is proud to have strong leadership that holds the organization accountable in accomplishing its mission of serving the community in collaboration with partners across the care continuum. A TLC Advisory Board and Leadership Group both operate with a wide range of diverse expertise that support TLC in optimizing patient care and meeting community needs.

With Founder Kyra Griffith having over 20 years of management, leadership, and clinical experience in building healthcare teams and developing systems, Ms. Griffith highly values communication and critical thinking as integral attributes within daily operations, action planning, growth structures, and problem solving. This balanced expertise has contributed to the success of building important and comprehensive teams across all levels within 1. Leadership (Operations Director, Finance Director, HR Director), 2. Management (administrative, programmatic), and a high-quality Clinical provider team with a wide range of expertise and experience.

Visit our Community Partner’s page to partner with TLC in our commitment to optimizing community health and well-being.

TLC’s Leadership ensures that TLC is able to meet communities needs’ and provide evidence based pediatric therapies to improve the health and well-being of families throughout Los Angeles County

When I think about my time at TLC, my heart smiles. Kyra Griffith…is one of the most passionate SLPs I have ever met. She goes above and beyond to ensure that families and patients are receiving the best care and that her employees and team members feel supported…TLC Pediatric Therapy isn’t just a clinic – that ‘title’ would minimize all of the hard work done in and outside of the office. TLC Pediatric Therapy is a community organization with a remarkable change agent at the helm. Far too often, we come across barriers to providing quality care in our community. Kyra Griffith gracefully knocks down those barriers by making decisions that will ultimately empower families. Kyra’s solution-oriented mindset ensures that TLC Pediatric will remain a dynamic organization that is responsive to the needs of the community for years to come.

– Melanie Blanks, MA, CCC-SLP, EIS

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